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With accumulated experience and expertise of two decades in VoIP technology, the team able to provide support, consulting relating to VoIP technology and solutions. We have worked to integrate and build software that is ready for integrations with other software. Along with that, our solution, especially Blazon, is equipped for any kind of customization, as the customer base and projects relating to Blazon require curated solutions so, customization based on project need is our forte. And, we have integrated few software with Getdesk Call Center software as well.

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what is VoxCrow known for?

VoxCrow has transformed from being just a provider of call center technology to a creator of advanced yet cost-effective communication solutions in Nepal. The goal is to help Nepali businesses adopt digital communication systems and increase transparency in call data, which has been a challenge until now. The company’s software provides a detailed view of every call made in various departments such as customer service, sales, telemarketing, IVR, voice broadcast, and more. With the help of their software GetDesk, VoxCrow has improved business communication and made it more efficient, effective, and cost-efficient. As the company continues to grow, they aspire to bring in products that will revolutionize the way people communicate, making it more effective and affordable.

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