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Frontdesk is a solution that unifies your business communication platform with an end to end communication system that enables you and your staff to communicate with customers from anywhere. Despite your branches scattered across Nepal, you can unify your business communication to a centralized system, enabling free Branch-to-branch communication all over Nepal. Get reports and analytics of every business call, call recordings, and many more features can be unlocked with Frontdesk.

Our services

End-to-end features every business needs for better communication


Building Effortless Communication System for your Business

With our team of qualified individuals we are here to provide you definitive solution for your digital communication technology needs, accelerating your business towards digital transformation.

Provide Scalable infrastructure to withstand any scope of your business growth.

From first contact to post purchase, we ensure 24/7 support at every step

Designed specifically for Nepali business, you will see our impact on your desired outcome.

Get a result-oriented solution at minimal price and low capital investments.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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No, we cannot do that as based on the law of Nepal its illegal. The number that will be displayed in the receiver’s phone will be the exact digital number that will be used during the broadcast. And in case the receiver has True Caller app in that context, a popular name may appear. 

No – we do not, without the consent of our clients we do not circulate their provided resources (end receivers phone number & audio) to others.   
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