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GetDesk – Nepal’s first Contact Centre Software

Getdesk is designed to handle inbound and outbound calls of your business, empowering you with Data driven decision making, real-time monitoring of agents, efficient workflow, insights on every call made within your business and many more.

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Building Effortless Communication System for your Business With our team of qualified individuals we are here to provide you definitive solution for your digital communication technology needs, accelerating your business towards digital transformation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about Getdesk Call Center software nad its applications

Getdesk Call center software is a solution that enables you to handle all your calls via web-based software that helps you in getting reports and analytics of all your business calls, agent management and empowerment tools, escalation management, assist in personalizing each calls, and many more.

Yes, Getdesk Call center software is available on cloud.

Getdesk software can be deployed within 2-3 days, considering other prerequisites are ready before the deployment of Getdesk.

Yes, Getdesk is built with every sized business in mind, you can start your call center with a single CSR and Getdesk and can have a huge operation with hundreds of Getdesk agents

SIP is a digital phone number that is designed to receive more than 10 calls at once in the same phone number. It’s often interchanged with VoIP calls. SIP calling actually uses VoIP to move your analog call traffic over an internet connection.

The integration cost differs based on software, man hours required, complexity of software, and more.

We have integrated Hospital Management software, a few popular CRM software, and in house software for our clients.

We understand that the required features of each project and company are different, however we try to cater to the majority of the demand based on the number of customers who want it in Getdesk.  While for Blazon, each project usually requires customization, and we can customize each tool based on the project requirements.

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