VoxCrow Receives “Best Customer Excellence Award” in CNIYEF Nepal Start-Up Fest 2022

16 September 2022

In a startup festival called “CNIYEF Nepal Start Up Fest 2022” held at The Soaltee Hotel in Kathmandu on June 25, 2022, We, Voxcrow, the voice-based communication service provider for businesses, won the “Best Customer Excellence Award 2022.”

VoxCrow Received the “Best Customer Excellence Award” in CNIYEF Nepal Start Up Fest 2022

The National Planning Commission, the Youth and Small Entrepreneur Self-Employment Fund, and the Indian Embassy in Nepal collaborate to co-organize the startup festival, which is initiated by the Confederation of Nepalese Industries Young Entrepreneurs Forum (CNIYEF).

The event’s main goal was to support new businesses and entrepreneurs. Over 500 people, including students, government officials, business executives, and young entrepreneurs, attended.

In six categories—Startup of the Year, Best Innovation of the Year, Best Customer Excellence, Green Startup of the Year, Social Enterprise of the Year, and Entrepreneur of the Year—awards were given out at the event to six startup entrepreneurs who had made significant contributions to the sector.

Voxcrow received the “Best Customer Excellence Award 2022” from CNIYEF Nepal Startup in recognition of its contributions to enhancing voice-based communication solutions’ customer service experiences.

Team VoxCrow with “Startup Award Finalist 2022” and “Customer Excellence Award 2022”

Voxcrow also received an Rs. 10 million investment for the startup festival. The festival had a $500 million investment pool in total. For the festival, CNIYEF received over 300 proposals from Nepali startups. The opportunity to present their pitch at the event was only given to the startups that had made the shortlist among them.

Ten startups made the finals. A deal was signed by investment companies like Team Ventures, Global Equity Fund, Aadhyanta Fund Management, Himalayan Capital, and Tele Venture to invest a total of Rs. 245 million in 7 of the 10 startup companies.

Voxcrow, inGrails, Skill Sewa, Doctors on Call Nepal, Kheti – DV Excellus, Dark Matter Game Production, and Digital Age Nepal are the seven businesses.

GetDesk – Call Centre Software

The Voxcrow product GetDesk is what earned the business the honour. With features such as data-driven decision-making, real-time agent monitoring, efficient workflow, and insights into every call made within the business, it is designed to handle both inbound and outbound calls for businesses.

Ringaze, a brand-new voice-based communication tool, was also introduced by Voxcrow last year. It provides a voice broadcasting system that uses SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) numbers to simultaneously broadcast voice messages to thousands of users.

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