Voice Broadcasting changing how you reach Rural Nepal

15 March 2022

The blazon is a voice-based communication technology that can be used to automate mass calls, avail predetermined information to beneficiaries and conduct surveys, and gain accurate insights and analytics. Since the target medium is one’s phone and interaction is usually via the keypad of a mobile phone, thus it ensures reach even to most remote areas regardless of no internet presence or illiterate population.

We believe technology is a powerful tool and social enterprises and nonprofits can use it to amplify the impact of their projects and access a greater mass directly on their phone which can be the best medium when reaching beneficiaries, especially in rural areas.

Voice broadcast has a multitude of applications such as Public Service Announcements, conduct Automated phone Survey for Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping, Post Distribution Monitoring, Remote Engagement Programs, and many more.

Public Service Announcement (PSA)

PSA is a short message meant to raise awareness about an important issue. Voice Broadcasting is the right medium to send PSA to mass audiences, especially among rural populations and reach thousands of people directly on their phones.

Send Public Service Announcements messages to your beneficiaries to be aware of important issues or news like potential flood warnings or precautionary measures, health information, Covid-19 new variant awareness, and so on. 

Remote Learning / Engagement Programs

Easily connect with students or beneficiaries via phone in remote locations. Conduct workshops, and educational programs with Blazon, you can design dramatic audio content to send awareness about any topic, create a timeline to connect with the audience, conduct surveys to check their knowledge and reward them with the top-up to encourage them to learn and participate. 

Missed Call / Call Back Service

Generate more participation, and collect more leads with Missed Call/ Call Back service. When beneficiaries don’t have to bear any call charges, it might lead to more open participation in any development project or surveys. In this service, whenever a caller calls your phone number the call gets cut and they instantly receive a call back from the system with broadcasting or other desired process. 

Automated Phone Survey

Commonly used to gain information from beneficiaries for Vulnerability Mapping or Post Project Monitoring, Blazon can be used to conduct surveys for various purposes. Here you record questions you want to ask usually in MCQ format, upload them to the software and send them out to beneficiaries and get reports. Example: Did you find our awareness campaign on Covid-19 useful? Press 1 if yes, press 2 if you didn’t, likewise survey can be followed by other questions at once. 

With Blazon, you can design your development project with our various solutions. Read our success stories to know more about its applications.

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