How Getdesk Call Center software enhances your overall Business Operations?

15 March 2022

Getdesk Call Center software is more than just software that helps you handle your business calls, it can help in call management, boost productivity of your employees, improve customer service, enhance brand image, and more.

Getdesk Call Center software is designed to handle all your incoming and outgoing business calls, it is especially popular in customer service, customer support and sales department. It has features like call recording, call reports and analytics that helps you make data-driven decisions. Real time monitoring features help you monitor your agents and features like Activity Pane, and other tools empower agents to serve the customers better.

Structured Call Management

When your customers need help or when they are facing any issues regarding your product or service, your company’s call center or customer service department, is the first place that they can turn for professional assistance. When customers make you a call, they expect that you handle them quickly, efficiently and in a professional manner.

This is where you can tap into the useful resources of Getdesk. Getdesk routes calls based on the category of the product or service, the location of the customer and will make sure that the best agent handles it. It keeps all the information about the customer and their inquiries for future reference. This software also enables the agents to access, collect and exchange information instantaneously in order to provide a smooth transition among agents, thus dropping client wait times.

Boost in Productivity of agents

Getdesk helps boost overall productivity and enables telephone calls to be handled in an efficient manner. When agents use the software, they are able to handle all inbound and outbound calls quickly and conveniently.

They are also able to track the calls easily and speed them up when needed. In addition, Getdesk easily routes calls to the right agent and gets updates about calls immediately, which in turn allows the agent to respond and exchange important information efficiently.

Great Customer Experience

Customer experience is improved when your agents deliver appropriate and accurate information with a customized touch. Getdesk streamlines data processing, thus it promotes increased customer retention and brand loyalty.

The database is also ideal for recording, observing and evaluating customer feedback about products and services as this feedback is essential in knowing customer requirements and coming up with more significant customer experiences.

Centralized Information

With an increase in the number of employees, a major problem organizations face is employee turnover. Which means if the employees are handling customers personally that can lead to losing customers when the employee leaves. With Getdesk, you can have a centralized system to keep information of all customers that can significantly reduce chances of losing customers or information when and if any employee leaves the organization.

Better Sales

Getdesk has the power to drive sales instantly. This is indeed one of the greatest benefits of the software. Using this software, sales managers can effectively handle the pre-sales queries of existing clients. They can easily have access to transaction history, can process orders, check warranties, issue credits, and handle after-sales services efficiently.

They can also get involved in cross-selling because sales records in the database will have useful information about the buying habits and ideal preferences of customers regarding various products and services.

Improved ROI

The contact center solution improves customer satisfaction and staff productivity at a greater level, which helps in increasing the repeat and referral business. Also, it reduces operational cost from 30 to 70% which saves funds. Collectively, all these factors increase the return over investment.

Currently in Nepal, customer service is one of the major issues in many industries. You, as a customer might also have faced a bad customer service experience, thus to differentiate yourself from your competitors one of the best and easiest things you can do is to improve your customer service. With Getdesk, you can get started in a few days and provide a marvelous experience to your customers.

Call us at 9880 555 000 to know more about Getdesk or if you need any consultation regarding your customer service department.

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