Shangri-la Development Bank uses GetDesk Call Centre Software to enhance its banking customer experience with GetDesk Software

16 September 2022

Shangri-la Development Bank Limited is a dream project of a few innovative and motivated entrepreneurial minds rather than being just another bank in the crowd of financial institutions. Shangri-la Development Bank aims to use Customer Experience Software to deliver quality banking services by catering pragmatic & reliable banking services and support.

VoxCrow is a digital communication platform provider, offering two main products: GetDesk, a cloud-based call centre software, and Ringaze, a bulk automated voice broadcasting solution. Excellent CEO/founder and team members at VoxCrow have collective national and international experience & expertise in VoIP-based digital communication systems over 20 years. VoxCrow currently holds the title of the “Customer Excellence Award 2022,” which was presented by CNIYEF Nepal at the “CNIYEF Startup Fest 2022”. At the same event, VoxCrow also secured funding of Nrs. 1 Crore from Aadhyanta Foundation.

Shangri-la Development Bank and VoxCrow Pvt. Ltd. Signed a Call Centre partnership agreement to use GetDesk software by Bank’s Customer Support team. VoxCrow is a digital communication platform provider, offering two main products: GetDesk, a cloud-based call centre software, and Ringaze, a bulk automated voice broadcasting solution. The company was established in 2018.

This partnership is equally valuable to VoxCrow, with Shangri-la being among one the evolving & rising Development banks to use VoxCrow’s service.

GetDesk – Nepal’s 1st Cloud-based Call centre software boasts features which enable you to monitor your call centre operation in Realtime, Process manage & track customer issues from submission to resolution, Gain insight into each call to decide on training needs and appraisals, Enrich your telemarketing & cold calling experience, Send manual Reports via Email to Supervisor or Business Owners, Design your own IVR flow.

GetDesk has drastically improved productivity for over 600 customer service representatives and salespeople by up to 150%. It’s customized to meet the unique needs of Nepalese businesses by a dedicated team of 40+ in-house professionals. It facilitates CSR with tools like knowledge base, scripts and other tools immediately available to the agents, empowering them to handle each call fluently and strategically.

On the other hand, supervisors are able to get complete insights into all business calls with real-time and historical reports, allowing them to make data-driven business decisions. The software also helps supervisors identify top performers and provide training to those who need improvement. Supervisors can listen to live calls, assist agents with call barge-in, whisper features and even force logout agents if a situation escalates with the customers.

CG Holdings, BizBazaar, Pathao, MI Nepal, Foodmandu, TVS, FonePay, BuddhaAir, Upacity Cargo, Norvic Hospital, iMark Digital, eBeema, Neema Academy, TDO Nepal, Norvic Hospital, SaathiMart are among some 70+ organizations currently using GetDesk Software. VoxCrow has already made its mark in 10 different industries such as NGO, INGOs, Ecommerce, Ride-Hailing, Delivery & Logistics, Healthcare, Fintech etc.

Businesses using GetDesk Cloud-based Call Centre software will be using SIP phone numbers or Digital phone numbers provided via Telecoms where businesses can receive and make 15+ calls simultaneously. The digital phone number (SIP Numbers) are supplied by 2 major telecoms, NTC & Smart Cell in Nepal.

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