5 Must have skill for Customer Service Representative (CSR)

15 March 2022

Your customer service is usually the first point of contact of customers with your business, having skilled and virtuous representatives is vital. Having good customer service is less costly than having no or bad customer service.

A good customer service skill or experience can range from having an empathy muscle, learning how to pace time, knowing how to listen actively without losing focus and most importantly the art of going the extra mile. So, to provide the best experience to your customers first know the right skills to focus on.

Time management skills

Valuing customers’ time is the most important customer service skill. Failing to cater within a reasonable time can upset customers and result in bad experiences, triggering customers to walk out and abandon the product or service altogether.

With a message curated in the local language, you can touch a chord with more people and expand your consumer base. The tone and style can be tweaked based on the customer’s nature and your marketing purpose. So, training CSR on time management can be an essential part of running a customer service department in your organization. Multi-tasking, and reducing and eliminating redundancies are also part of time management skills.

Problem-solving skills

If a long waiting time can distress customers, repeating the issue to multiple support representatives over and again can cause an equal amount of frustration and annoyance. It puts off the customers and damages the brand image, so CSR must strive as the final step to the solution. Training agents to quickly diagnose the problem, offer or direct to possible solutions and help choose the best solution should be a priority. This customer service skill can give customers satisfaction and confidence in your organization.

Product knowledge

An agent needs to master deep product knowledge. It helps them to be confident, troubleshoot faster and enforces clarity in communication. If unable to provide a satisfactory experience, customers may abandon the sale or leave negative reviews. The agent needs to be proactive about the company’s policy, product and new changes in features and skillfully turn features to customers’ benefit. In-depth product knowledge helps ensure customers’ experience into a productive and satisfactory one.

Great listening skills

In order to solve customers’ problems in a sweep, not just attempting but listening to understand the underlying issue when customer is speaking is crucial. Hearing is not the same as listening, keeping in mind buyers’ tone, speech can play a vital part in comprehending and handling the issue, with great patience.

Having great listening skills not only helps solve problems in a better way but it makes customers feel like the organization is concerned and passionate about their clients.


Knowing when to apologize, console and self-control is a central part of a call center job. It enables agents to defuse highly charged phone calls and create an environment for conducive business. Agents can be in situations where they have to face aggravated customers who can be verbally abusive to them. You should train your agents with the ability to remain positive in the face of aggression and maintain professional disposition, which extends to turn that customer calm and satisfied with the new offered solution.

Besides having the right tool like Getdesk Call Center, the right skilled employees and training needs have to be identified among the Customer Service Representatives (CSR) to make your efforts shine bright with your customers.

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