Voxcrow celebrates 5 years Anniversary with its innovative Call Center Software GetDesk

1 February 2023

Nepal-based voice communication service provider, Voxcrow, is celebrating its fifth year in business. Sushant Rai and Dipesh Regmi founded the company in 2018. Its flagship product, GetDesk, offers organizations a voice-based communication service. GetDesk is a call centre application that allows organizations to manage large volumes of phone calls efficiently.

GetDesk offers several features including data-driven decision-making, real-time agent monitoring, call insights within the business, and more. The application has been successful in attracting a growing number of companies and corporate houses. Over 85 businesses and organizations now use the technology.


In 2022, Voxcrow introduced a new voice-based communication technology, Ringaze, which utilizes SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) numbers. The company received the Customer Excellence Award 2022 from CNIYEF. This award was given to the company in recognition of its efforts to enhance customer service experiences. In addition, Voxcrow received an investment of Rs. 10 million from CNIYEF Nepal Start Up Fest 2022.


GetDesk is offered in two editions, basic and business, and is ideal for organizations that handle a high volume of daily phone calls. According to the company, after a setup fee ranging from 40,000 to 50,000 rupees, the service can be availed at 4,000 to 5,000 per user per month.

Voxcrow CEO, Sushant Rai, states that “85+ businesses and organizations” including Phonepay, Buddha Air, Norvik Hospital, Tilganga Eye Center, Care Nepal, Foodmandu, Bhoj, Aramex, Garima Development Bank, Shangrila Development Bank, Moco Wallet, City Express, Sipradi, CG Holding, Biz Bazaar, and Pathao Nepal, as well as the National Identity Card and Registration Department under the Ministry of Home Affairs among others, have been using GetDesk for their customer service centre management.

In conclusion, Voxcrow has achieved significant success in a short period of time, revolutionizing the way organizations manage their calls. With its focus on privacy protection, GetDesk is poised to continue its growth and advancements in the field of communication technology.

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