Must follow phone etiquette for your CSR

15 March 2022

Phone etiquette is essential to ace in any professional working environment, this especially applies to your Customer Service Representatives (CSR) and Salesperson. 

Phone etiquette is the way you converse on a call representing yourself and your organization. Your etiquette showcases your brand as professional and valuable. It includes the way you greet your customer, tone of voice, language, listening skills, the way you end the call, and in this fast-paced world, calling back as soon as possible.

A simple phone etiquette can include: 

  • How to greet a prospect
  • The tone of voice to use 
  • Language  
  • Listening skills 
  • How a call is closed 

Some of the ways to showcase your brand as professional and valuable are: 

Active listening  

Many CSRs may tend to get defensive when the customer’s call is aggravated. Number one rule is to actively listen to what the customer is trying to convey, dissect their problem or objective by listening carefully. 

How to implement it?  

The best way to foster active listening is by ensuring agents/ CSRs take notes. asking relevant follow up questions to resolve any issue, get deeper insight on the customer’s objective of calling. Making customers feel valued and heard.

Best approach can be to use Call Center Software like Getdesk that allows your CSR to take notes with ongoing calls, on the dashboard itself. As penning down every note in paper tends to make the calling process unorganized with information scattered all over the agent’s notebook or tiring event of rewriting the information to CRM.  

Don’t keep them waiting  

There can be times, especially during peak call time, that customers may not be able to reach your agents. They could be waiting on hold, or just receive the busy tone at their end. This can drive customers furious, when they aren’t able to reach the organization to resolve their issue or problem. Reaching back to customers is very important, as loss of calls is loss of business, slowly but surely. 

How to implement it? 

Using Getdesk Call Center software, even if the call doesn’t reach the agents, the software records the missed call in the agents’ dashboards. Unlike analog or GSM phone systems, where you can’t receive multiple calls at a time on a single phone number, our software not only enables multiple calls on the same phone number (Digital phone number), but also shows on agents’ dashboard how many calls are waiting to be attended. Making them call back and efficiently moving to the next call way easier. 

Calling back as soon as possible may help customers to appreciate the company’s effort to make their life easier and increase customer satisfaction at the same time. 

Keep the conversation on the point 

From greeting the customer to actively listening and providing them with a solution, everything needs to be on point to not waste or exaggerate the phone call. A protocol to introduce yourself and the company when you pick up the call or take customers through a necessary checklist to dissect the problem is essential. Keeping the call short yet effective is important to achieve.

How to implement it? 

Keeping a script for any forecasted situation can be vital. Whether it is greetings or dealing with an angry customer, a pre-prepared script from the manager can help agents’ performance and efficiency. Use Getdesk Call Center software to add scripts that can come in handy in any new situation or for new agents to communicate with the customers. 

Additionally, there is always a “whisper and listen” feature that managers can use to train new employees, where they can listen to the conversation, barge in incase of necessity and take over the conversation or simply whisper suggestions to agents without the knowledge of customers.

Phone etiquette is essential for agents/ CSRs to follow but Call Center software like Getdesk can help elevate the mannerism with easy access to tools to make the life easy for the CSR, supervisor, customer, and the organization as a whole. 

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